Benefits for Roxfarma's clients

Professional development

Roxfarma seeks to be at the forefront of the pharmaceutical world, which is why our workers have the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience at Fairs, Exhibitions and Visits to pharmaceutical plants in representative countries and the first world, where theoretical learning and experience go hand in hand. All expenses are covered by Roxfarma.

Two days a year we stop all the machines and dedicate ourselves totally to learning and integration, ensuring that our workers acquire or renew knowledge on issues related to occupational health and safety, motivation, quality system and technicians from their own areas and management.

In addition to this, they share moments as a team and with colleagues from other areas.

We always think about the development of our workers and their families, which is why we maintain discount agreements with recognized educational institutions, among others, for those who seek to grow professionally both in professional careers and short courses.

Our workers care about being current and we are always looking to support their development.

That is why we have discount agreements with various recognized educational institutions and we also offer a payroll discount in comfortable interest-free installments.

At Roxfarma we do not pay the Minimum Vital Salary proposed by the Government, all our workers receive salaries above the RMV, Roxfarma has set its own minimum vital salary above the legal one.

Personal Health and Safety

Our commitment to the safety of our workers comes first, which is why we start the sessions with safety talks and train our emergency brigades.

You can be a volunteer at heart and belong to this group of warriors in the fight against fires, evacuation, first aid or spills of hazardous materials.

All our collaborators, regardless of high-risk work, are covered by the SCTR from the first day of work, which includes 100% medical, pharmacological, hospital and surgical care for work accidents.

Every year we organize free vision check-ups, nutrition, massage sessions, etc.

We care about the health of our workers and that they start their day activated, which is why we offer a healthy breakfast one day a week for those employees who come to work early and thus take the opportunity to share anecdotes with their colleagues before starting their work. .

Roxfarma subsidizes almost 100% lunch for all production and dispensing operators.

Family life

Our workers enjoy additional days to those dictated by the maternity leave law so that they can enjoy more of their maternity stage and closeness to their babies.

Our workers enjoy additional days to those dictated by the paternity leave law so that they can achieve a unique connection with their babies and can support their wives in this stage.

We are present in the most difficult moments of our collaborators, granting them days off for their emotional rest.

The day of your birthday is special, which is why we offer different ways of expressing it, either with a small present, free hours or a day off, all depending on the length of time you spend in our company and the nature of the work you do.

At Roxfarma we want to achieve a balance with personal life as much as possible, which is why we encourage remote or blended work in positions whose nature allows it.

At Roxfarma we reward the excellence of our children at school and we recognize what it means to be an outstanding athlete (belonging to a national sports team) by awarding a bonus to those who obtained first, second and third place at the end of the school year.

Family fun is part of a healthy life, therefore, we maintain discount agreements on recreational activities so that they can enjoy it alongside those they love the most and, as in academics, we offer discounts on payroll in comfortable interest-free installments.

We know that the supply list is a concern for our workers, which is why we have a strategic alliance with renowned bookstores so that they provide us with school credit vouchers and special discounts for them.

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